publications by categories in reversed chronological order. The * denotes equal first authors.


  1. DEEP-squared: Deep Learning Powered De-scattering with Excitation Patterning
    Navodini Wijethilake*, Mithunjha Anandakumar*, Cheng Zheng, Peter T. C. So, and 2 more authors
    Nature LSA: Light - science and applications 2023


  1. A Knowledge Distillation Framework For Enhancing Ear-EEG Based Sleep Staging With Scalp-EEG Data
    Mithunjha Anandakumar*, Jathurshan Pradeepkumar*, Simon L Kappel, Chamira US Edussooriya, and 1 more author
    2023 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC) 2022
  2. Towards Interpretable Sleep Stage Classification Using Cross-Modal Transformers
    Jathurshan Pradeepkumar*, Mithunjha Anandakumar*, Vinith Kugathasan, Dhinesh Suntharalingham, and 3 more authors
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2208.06991 2022
  3. Towards Accurate Cross-Domain In-Bed Human Pose Estimation
    Mohamed Afham*, Udith Haputhanthri*, Jathurshan Pradeepkumar*, Mithunjha Anandakumar, and 2 more authors


  1. Physics Augmented U-Net: A High-Frequency Aware Generative Prior for Microscopy
    Jathurshan Pradeepkumar*, Mithunjha Anandakumar*, Vinith Kugathasan*, Andrew Seeber, and 1 more author
    bioRxiv 2021
  2. Decoding of Hand Gestures from Electrocorticography with LSTM Based Deep Neural Network
    Jathurshan Pradeepkumar, Mithunjha Anandakumar, Vinith Kugathasan, Thilina D Lalitharatne, and 2 more authors